Technické správy / Technical Reports

Petra Kubincová, Ján Kľuka, Martin Homola   "Towards Expressive Metamodelling with Instantiation (Extended Version)"   TR-2015-045
Ján Šefránek, Jozef Frtús, Martin Homola, Martin Baláž, Damas Gruska, Theodore Patkos, Dimitra Zografistou   "A Distributed Assumption-Based Framework for a Set of Heterogeneous Knowledge Bases"   TR-2015-044
Martin Baláž, Jozef Frtús, Martin Homola, Ján Šefránek, Giorgos Flouris   "Embedding Defeasible Logic Programs into Generalized Logic Programs (Extended Version)"   TR-2014-043
Martin Homola, Ján Kľuka, Vojtěch Svátek, Miroslav Vacura   "Typed Higher-Order Variant of SROIQ (Extended Version)"   TR-2014-042
Martin Homola, Theodore Patkos, Giorgos Flouris, Jozef Frtús, Alexander Šimko, Ján Šefránek, Dimitra Zografistou, Martin Baláž   "Resolving Conflicts in Knowledge for Ambient Intelligence"   TR-2014-041
André Hoffmann, Igor Farkaš   "Using common spatial patterns for EEG feature selection"   TR-2013-040
Vojtěch Svátek, Martin Homola, Ján Kľuka, Miroslav Vacura   "Ontological Distinctions for Linked Data Vocabularies "   TR-2013-039
Indre Pileckyte, Martin Takáč   "Computational model of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for decision making and action-selection"   TR-2013-038
Amelia Wein, Martin Takáč   "Sensorimotor Characterization of Semantic Structures"   TR-2013-037
Krištof Anetta, Martin Takáč   "Towards Advanced Text Quality Evaluation Modelling"   TR-2013-036
Alexander Šimko   "Logic Programming with Preferences on Rules"   TR-2013-035
Viliam Dillinger, Igor Farkaš   "Testing the hierarchical echo state neural network in prediction tasks"   TR-2012-034
Monika Adamová, Ján Šefránek   "Logic program semantics via an argumentation semantics."   TR-2012-033
Michal Čertický   "Enhancing ASP-based Planning by Heuristic Graph-search Techniques"   TR-2011-032
Vladimír Dziuban, Michal Čertický, Jozef Šiška, Michal Vince   "A Lightweight Agent Communication Platform for Heterogeneous Multi-context Systems"   TR-2011-031
M. Kotrbčík, M. Škoviera   "Fundamental cycles and the maximum genus of a graph"   TR-2011-030
Edita Máčajová, Martin Škoviera   "Nowhere-zero flows on signed eulerian graphs"   TR-2011-029
Igor Farkaš, Michal Malý, Kristína Rebrová   "Mirror neurons – theoretical and computational issues"   TR-2011-028
Ján Šefránek, Alexander Šimko   "Warranted Derivations of Preferred Answer Sets"   TR-2011-027
Zuzana Kubincová, Martin Homola, Pavol Kubinec, Andrea Hrušecká   "eSkills IT Fitness Test 2010: The Results"   TR-2010-026
Branislav Katreniak, Jana Katreniaková   "Convergence with Limited Visibility by Asynchronous Mobile Robots "   TR-2010-025
Michal Čertický   "IK-STRIPS Formalism for Fluent-free Planning with Incomplete Knowledge"   TR-2010-024
Kristína Rebrová, Martin Takáč   "Vnímanie a pomenovávanie farieb a farebných kategórií"   TR-2010-023
Michal Malý   "Použitie antikonvolučnej matice na odstránenie niektorých grafických efekto"   TR-2010-022
Edita Rollová, Martin Škoviera   "Nowhere-zero flows in Cartesian bundles of graphs"   TR-2009-021
Edita Máčajová, Martin Škoviera   "Perfect matchings with few common edges in cubic graphs"   TR-2009-020
Martin Homola and Zuzana Kubincová   "Practising Web Design Essentials by Iterative Blog Development within a Community Portal (Extended Version)"   TR-2009-019
Pavol Novotný   "Voxelization of Solids with Sharp Details"   TR-2008-018
Edita Máčajová, Ján Mazák   "Optimal acyclic edge-colouring of cubic graphs"   TR-2008-017
S. Dobrev, R. Kralovic, D. Pardubska   "Leader Election in Extremely Unreliable Rings and Complete Networks"   TR-2008-016
Dana Pardubská, Martin Plátek and Friedrich Otto   "On the Correspondence between Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems and Restarting Automata"   TR-2008-015
Juraj Frank, Martin Homola   "Ontology-driven Categorization of Blog Postings: A Scenario"   TR-2008-014
Jiří Dokulil, Jana Katreniaková   "Drawing of edges in RDF visualization"   TR-2008-013
Jiří Dokulil, Jana Katreniaková   "Visual Exploration of RDF Data"   TR-2007-012
Igor Farkaš, Michal Pokorný   "Processing tree-structured data with the linear RAAM neural network"   TR-2007-011
Igor Farkaš, Matthew W. Crocker   "Syntactic systematicity in sentence processing with a recurrent self-organizing network"   TR-2007-010
Jiří Wiedermann, Dana Pardubská   "Wireless Mobile Computing and its Links to Descriptive Complexity"   TR-2007-009
Ján Mazák   "Circular Chromatic Index of Type 1 Blanusa snarks"   TR-2007-008
S. Dobrev, R. Královič, D. Pardubská   "How Much Information About the Future is Needed?"   TR-2007-007
Branislav Rovan, Ľuboš Steskal   "Infinite Computations and a Hierarchy in $\Sigma_3$"   TR-2007-006
Peter Gaži, Branislav Rovan   "Assisted Problem Solving and Decompositions of Finite Automata"   TR-2007-005
Michal Forišek, Branislav Katreniak, Jana Katreniaková, Rastislav Královič, Richard Královič, Vladimír Koutný, Dana Pardubská, Tomáš Plachetka, Branislav Rovan   "Online Bandwidth Allocation"   TR-2007-004
Martin Homola   "Distributed Description Logics Revisited (Extended Version)"   TR-2007-003
Martin Takáč   "When Meanings Are Not Mutually Exclusive: Issues in Receptive Field Based Grounded Cognitive Semantics"   TR-2007-002
Ján Šefránek, Martin Takáč, Igor Farkaš   "Vznik inteligencie v umelých systémoch"   TR-2007-001